Woman cyclingMental Game Training For Triathletes

AOY training gives triathletes, of all levels, the tools they need to create deep self belief on their athletic quest and in races.  It’s about training your mind for extraordinary performance.  It’s about connecting your body, mind and soul for ultimate fulfillment and results beyond what you thought possible for you in Triathlon.

 The types of things you will learn: 

  • How to quiet your mind in order to allow your body to truly perform beyond what you have experienced before 
  • How to easily shift from self doubt to deep self belief under all kinds of conditions
  • How to create results in training and races that are far past what you previously thought possible
  • How to reduce stress or anxiousness in races to easily become centered, calm, confident and focused ~ which is where you receive extraordinary performance.
  • How to become rejuvenated and truly inspired within your own personal athletic journey and quest through Triathlon

Accessing the awesomeness of you is highly effective for all level athletes, from Sprint to Ironman to world class champions. It is for men and women who are looking to receive a shift to BIG results in your sport and/or your athletic quest, by learning how to truly access the extraordinary greatness within you.

Which one of these AOY athletes describes YOU?

  • I’m entering my first Ironman and I want to have an awesome fulfilling experience and reach my Ironman goal.
  • I am an experienced Ironman, Half Iron, Olympic or Sprint athlete and I’m looking to achieve a higher ranking or qualification slot.
  • I am new to triathlons and want to have an inspiring experience filled with deeper self belief and accomplishment.
  • I am a Pro athlete who would like to achieve a much higher level of success.

Lone swimmerHow do I access the Awesomeness?

You have loads of choices on how to begin accessing the tools that will help you shift your performance to the extraordinary.

Kirsten in WhiteMessage from Kirsten

Hi this is Kirsten,  the founder and creator or Accessing the Awesomeness of YOU,  thank you so much for visiting AOY & checking it out!

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I have taught thousands of individuals how to access the awesomeness w/in them for extraordinary shifts in their performance & I would love for you to be able to access the greatness that is within you.

My experience & deep belief is that all athletes have an awesomeness with in them that is truly extraordinary, however, very few actually tap it.  Most athletes only focus on their bodies for conditioning, however, the athletes that incorporate mental conditioning, truly reach the highest levels in their sport.  Olympic level athletes already know this.   The mental aspects of your performance and training has “everything” to do with your results.   I teach you how to do this in a way that is highly effective, easy and loads of fun!

It’s time to start accessing the awesomeness within you ~ I can’t wait!