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This is Kirsten Lewis the creator of (AOY for athletes) Accessing the Awesomeness of you ~ training your mind and nourishing your soul for extraordinary results in sports and athletics.

I created Awesomeness Of You, so that more athletes can learn the simple yet powerful mental game tools that world class champions use daily. THIS is how world records (& personal records) are broken and how extraordinary performance is born.

These techniques and lessons can be thought of as an inspiring new lifestyle that will shift not only your athletic quest and your performance but also your whole life!  You will experience inner peace, deep self belief and a profound ease and joy in your athletics and your life.

When an athlete experiences extraordinary performance they have been able to create a primal connection to body, mind and soul. They have experienced a more spiritual experience of sorts. They have tapped their instinct and their human potential.  The tools and techniques that you learn in AOY have been taught for centuries in wise indigenous cultures around the world and have been studied by modern science to validate our modern western reality.

Primal Connection: As modern western humans we have disconnected from our primal roots, instincts and way of life.  We have become more and more disconnected from nature itself, from our instincts and from natural movement.  This disconnection has changed our body mind soul connection which in turn greatly stands in the way of our athletic ability for the human body.  At AOY you will learn how to connect to the awesomeness with in you, the greatness that is truly you.

I have taught a great many athletes how to reach far greater levels in their sport than they ever thought possible. I would LOVE to teach you the same tools so you can experience how incredible you truly are as an athlete.  I am so proud to say that many of my students have gone on to win countless races, games and championships way beyond their dreams. I can’t wait for you to experience it too.

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You’ve worked hard training your body NOW it’s time you learn how the top athletes in the world train their mind and soul for deep self belief on their athletic quest in competition and in training.


The top athletes in the world have learned that at a point simply just pushing harder will not get them to greater heights on their quest ~ but learning how to access their inner strength and deep self belief will.  The amazing thing is that these methods are truly so simple and infinitely inspiring.

Not only will you experience a deep belief in yourself far beyond what you have experienced thus far you will also be able to sustain it and easily shift to receive the areas that are hugely important on your athletic quest, quieting your mind, reducing stress, intuitively listening to your body, create awesome performance with much less effort, shifts to deep belief in times that normally would be self doubt ~ you will experience a calm, confident, relaxed focus that will allow your body to perform at extraordinary levels ~ not to mention the fulfillment you will experience on your journey.   Oh and I should mention it will give you the same in your life too.

The most effective way to learn these lessons, wisdom and methods is to work with me one on one. In this format I am able to teach you what you need right away and help you implement it directly into your life and your athletic quest!  When I work with people one on one I am then able to get a reading on exactly what would be most powerful for you right at this time.  In other words, where to start and what to start with and then help you stay on track for optimal shift. I have heard many times from the people that I work with that I am extremely good at pin pointing what is needed very quickly ~ and that they are shocked at how inspiring and how fast they shift to the awesome!

Here is more information about one on one Laser Coaching

You have probably heard that it takes at least 30 days to form a new habit so if you have even just a few months of one on one sessions with me you will receive awesome results and an experience that will inspire you.

Another way to access the Awesomeness of you lessons, wisdom and methods is through my store. I am currently working on recording individual powerful lessons along with the methods and tools that go with them.  As I record these I will be posting them for download on my store.   However, it is most important that you are on my newsletter email list so that you will receive the announcements, discount coupons and even some free downloads and lessons. 

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Also, during this summer I will be launching a special membership program that will give you access to my lessons, monthly group calls with me, downloads and mentorship to keep you on track.  If you are looking for a truly inspiring experience, transformation to the awesome and great results then I recommend doing one of the laser coaching packages with me and then joining the Inner Circle membership program when it launches.  It will be very accessible ~ when the Inner Circle launches it will cost less than most gym memberships.   Before it’s launch I will be sending out a special discount membership specifically to people on my newsletter email.  If you are not already on then definitely sign up so that you receive the announcement and the launch discount (which will be good for life).

I would love to have the honor of  guiding you through the inspiring lessons, wisdom and methods that will  rejuvenate your athletic soul for deep fulfillment & awesome results on your athletic quest.

You also may want to visit the Athlete Success Stories page.

You are so much more special, powerful and awesome than you know so I truly hope you choose to access the awesomeness that is you!

What are the infinite possibilities?

If you have any questions about AOY I would love to talk to you so please send me a message or give me a call.

Call me at:  (888) 965-3326

Or send me a message on my contact form.

I can’t wait to show you how to access the greatness that is YOU!


More about Kirsten’s background:

Kirsten has been a student of the many aspects of mental game for athletes for over 30 years. Her innate ability to understand what it takes to create extraordinary performance in sport along with her vast knowledge wisdom and experience has made her incredibly effective at teaching athletes the exact tools they need to shift to awesome performance.

Earlier in her career she was highly successful in the world of Wall Street.  She managed high net worth client investment asset of 10 million plus and managed investment and brokerage offices upwards of 2 billion.  The numbers aren’t as important as her positive impact on a great many people’s lives during those times. She was sought after by her peers and managers for her life changing coaching skills and seemingly innate wisdom for teaching people how to garner deep self belief for awesome results in their life.  She is often referred to as a breath of fresh air in the world of business. To ignite their soul to live to the fullest with joy and deep fulfillment.

Kirsten left the corporate world to pursue her true passion and gift of teaching people how to believe in themselves far more than they ever thought possible.

Since 10 years old she has been interested in sports psychology and innate paths to realize ones greatness.  At the age of 14 she had qualified and rode in 3 national championships in equestrian hunter jumpers (including Madison Square Garden and Washington DC).  While at the same time being a valuable player in varsity school sports like Field Hockey.

Kirsten is a single digit handicap in golf (after only 5 yrs), has played Tennis, volleyball, sailing, windsurfing, snow skiing downhill and cross country, slalom water skiing, running, swimming, diving, accomplished equestrian both English and Western and has done loads of hiking and backpacking.

She grew up in New England and spent most childhood summers at their family home on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.  Her summers were filled with water skiing, swimming (open water swim meets) and cycling with her brother on long rides through Connecticut. Oh and eating copious amounts of clams and lobsters.

By the time she was 18 she had experienced many cultures around the world through loads of travel with her family.  And even a few Indiana Jones like adventures.  She and her family spent a few months living in Morocco, she lived on a sail boat in the Mediterranean (and another in the Caribbean) and traveled up the Nile on a boat in Egypt exploring the ruins and the culture.  She traveled extensively in Europe just about yearly with her family and returned also for part of her University Education in Switzerland.

Also, while studying Photo Journalism she traveled in Israel to shoot her thesis portfolio.

Kirsten has had a scuba diving license since she was 16.  She participated in an environmental preservation study at VIERS the Virgin Island Ecological Research Station on St. Thomas to chart coral formations and help preserve sea life that lives in coral.  The project was headed by a great professor at Stanford University who was passionately studying sea anemones.

She also completed her advance diving certificate in Wreck Diving & Night Diving.  She has dove many wrecks off of New England, the Virgin Islands and off of Israel.

Kirsten has always been a student of cultures, of human nature and of the beauty that surrounds us in nature. Through her experiences both inner and outer she has become very wise and gifted in teaching others how to easily gain deep self belief, fulfillment, success and accomplishment and to live life with heart, soul and body in unity.

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