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On this page you will read success stories, musings, thoughts and results from the athletes that are in the Awesomeness of YOU program.

*I’ll be updating this page regularly so keep visiting for inspiration! My goal for you with this page is that you start seeing that there is SO much more possible for you on your athletic quest. That you have a greatness inside of you that is far more than you have ever dreamed



First, you may want to meet a few AOY athletes in this video


Kirsten, You are brilliant
Your session totally saved my ironman
I had the perfect race

Tom Murtaugh, Physician & Triathlete
Ironman Kentucky 2011


Hello Kirsten,

just want to thank u for your amazing inspiration and let you know that u are having a phenomenal impact on my life and performance. I am doing well with my programmes and my coach is very pleased with my work. I listened to your questions meditation and the results were instant. Thank you. I look forward to the future because of you and your work. Thanks again!

A few days later ~ I just got back from a squad brick session. I’m so happy and on cloud nine as I kept up with the athletes in the run and coach moved me to the faster group, and yes you were with me my friend, your calm voice was in my head comforting me and removing all restrictions and worries for me. Thank you xxx

Jasmine Berryman, Triathlete, New Zealand iamtri


“I am already looking at which race I can sign up for next year. I finished in 15 hr 14 minutes and I had expected to do this in 16 hours and 45 minutes. I am a mother to five and grandmother to 3 and I wanted to set a good example for lifelong fitness for them.

I can’t thank you enough Kirsten for preparing me mentally for this challenge. I owe a portion of my successful first time Ironman finish to the things you taught me in your AOY class.  You provided the tools I needed to not just survive, but to thrive in the Ironman arena. Keep up the good work – you are AWESOME!!”

_Deb Blair, Triathlete Ironman


Kirsten is awesome and has helped many an Ironman triathlete not only get to that finish line, but do it in a way that they maximize their Ironman experience on raceday.  It takes both physical and mental preparation to achieve 140.6………..Kirsten is a PRO and can help you on the mental side.

Bob Baney, Ironman & Leader Of iamtri IM Kentucky 2011 & 2012 Group


I have never been so calm before an event before like I was this day. Before I started following Kirsten Lewis of AOY I would have been all worked up. I did all my mini meditations on the way to the race and it was amazing how great I felt. Read the rest of the blog post…


Steven Fredericks, Triathlete


Kirsten you are just awesome! After our first coaching session and a couple of quick reads of your emails I was able to hit some 5-8 feet gap jumps, step ups and drops that I didn’t plan to do because it was the first time I was riding that local mountain bike downhill trail. And on top of that I was riding a brand new downhill bike that I am still setting up and dialing it in. However, with the encouragement of my riding pals showing me how to hit the trail features in combination with the affirmation questions you gave me and visualization techniques, I was able to tap into my inner solid confidence and go for it!!!!!

Kirsten you rock girl!

Celia Graterol, US National Downhill Mountain Biking Champion ~ Mountain Biker & Surfer, Here’s her website


Congratulations to Sue ~ she won the bike race! “Last week I did a bike race as a hard training weekend-it was a 3 stage race, with all stages as time trials. This was my first chance to put some of her teachings into practice.I can definitely say that the techniques I have learned over the past few weeks definitely had a positive contribution to my performance last weekend. I can’t wait to learn and practice more-thank you Kirsten!”

(here’s the blog post all about it)

Sue Moote, Triathlete


I had my first chat with Kirsten today. Unexpectedly (I’m at work) I was able to get out and run. I used some of the questions (Kirsten taught me) and reflected during my run.

I broke two PR’s (personal records) today-1.5 miles and 5k times. The 1.5 mile PR has stood for 20 years. The 5k time was my best ever recorded.

Basically, I’m officially running better than I ever have.

I’m a believer. Thanks Kirsten, for the chance.

Rachel Zambrano, Triathlete & endurance runner, here’s her imtri blog


For the better part of my life I have been involved in sports of some type or other. Nerves have always affected my ability to enjoy my participation. Before I chose to be a triathlete, for several years I competed in dog agility. I was blessed to have an extremely well respected and re-known instructor and great dogs. We have skills, but when we enter the ring, I fold, panic, stress. It is a disaster.

9 months ago when I started running races the same thing happened. I hated the panic and stress of competing, even when I tried not to think of it as competition. It has been that way as long as I can remember.

Leading up to my first triathlon this spring, I checked the water temps, the predicted wind speeds and temps for race day on a daily basis. I stressed about every detail!

Enter Kirsten & AOY.

3 short sessions before Iron Girl.

Wow, what a difference!

The week before Iron Girl, I was relaxed, Even after waking up with a cold on Monday. I wasn’t worried about race day. At packet pickup the main topic of conversation among participants was the wind and water temps. While I was aware of those things, I was not concerned. I was relaxed and comfortable and looking forward to the event. I didn’t even check the forecasted wind speed!

So comes Saturday morning and in the darkness of transition setup I pop my bike tire by over-inflating it.

In the past, that alone would have been cause for a total meltdown. As I wandered looking for help, a nice gentleman suggested I would do better with an “entire bike” . He then directed me towards the great guys at Las Vegas Cyclery, who where on site for minor repair help. Minutes later I was back on track.

We lined up for the start, and were delayed 45 minutes. In the past that 45 minutes would have been spent stressing and been a useless expenditure of adrenaline, thinking about how cold I was or how hard the wind was blowing. Thinking about all the things that could or certainly would go wrong. Instead this day I visited with the other girls in line, sharing our stories.

The start gun went off, the line began to move, shortly I entered the water. In moments I found myself working in unison with the waves, calm, at ease, enjoying the swim and the strength I felt. Onto the bike, hills and headwinds complained others. I hardly noticed, except when the wind swiftly removed a water bottle from my hand. Next the run.

Okay so I hadn’t really given my cold a second thought, until now. As I started out the transition and up the short hill, I couldn’t breath. I walked/ran for first mile and a half. At that point I was prepared to push. I drew on everything I had learned recently and a half mile later I think I coughed up half a lung. I ran/walked the last mile.

I crossed the finish line realizing I had conquered a lifetime of anxiety. I had enjoyed this event from start to finish.

No Panic, No Stress, No Self Doubt.

I have only touched the surface of the person I am about to be!!

I am discovering the Awesomeness of Me!

Wendy Jensen, Triathlete, Wendy’s blog


This is going to be an exciting year of new discoveries, business opportunities, adventures in sport and in life. I think that we should all become aware of the beauty around us. since I have been working with Kirsten of AOY, I have found a new peace in my daily life.

Take my ride yesterday. Now this was my first real bike ride outdoors of the year. I could have gotten caught up in how I felt on the bike. How hard the hills were or if I was going fast enough. Or as vain as this sounds how did I look on the bike. Did I look like a geek or did I look like a real triathlete. No I did not get lost in all that stuff. What I did was enjoy the view around me. I tried to become one with the nature around me. I keep asking myself this question; What possible greatness am I refusing, that I truly could be choosing? Then I moved on to this question; What if fun, joy and fulfillment is simply my choice?

I had such an awesome workout. I pushed when I had to push and I laughed and had fun all at the same time. Get this I was by myself and I was smiling like a fool and I didn’t care.

Steven Fredericks, Triathlete, Steven’s blog & his iamtri page


Hi Kirsten - Today I broke down the wall. I wasn’t expecting it but it happened. Thought you might be interested to know I went on a bike ride this morning. The first one of my training schedule for the Ironman. I was very nervous as the last time I was on the course, I had a crash early on. Today, I met some friends who were doing a race in a few weeks and we rode the course. On my drive over there I thought about and used the things you had given me & over the past couple of days, I just sort of visualized me making it up the hills easily. (There are three specific places on the course that were issues for me last time). Once we got going, I let go of the stress and was just completely relaxed. The hills that had been problems just weren’t. One in particular is rather steep and a lot of riders end up walking it. I took it slow and churned my way to the top - a MAJOR accomplishment! It was the perfect confidence boosting ride! it was exactly what I needed to get past the memory of that last bad ride and had a more recent success to focus on. It really doesn’t get any more awesome than that :) (Here’s the blog post all about it)

Karen Whitlock, Triathlete (& Tennis), blog: Working it out…


I never thought of myself as an athlete. Certainly not a serious athlete who could benefit in any way from mental coaching. I’m just a regular tennis playing mom. I thought things like goal-setting, visualizations and positive affirmations were reserved for professionals and athletes performing at Olympic levels. But, after one hour of talking to Kirsten, my view of myself and what is possible for me has completely changed. She really talked to me about taking my game to a level that I have never considered. I can see how working on the mental aspect of my sport will not only help me improve on the court, but will open the way to achievements that I never thought possible. I have a feeling after working with Kirsten, I’ll find I’m not only an athlete, but that I’m a serious athlete, who is strong both physically and mentally!

Kim Selzman, Tennis Athlete, Blog: TennisFixation


I had the opportunity to start working with Kirsten Lewis in March 2011. During our first conversation we discussed my back injury and how I felt like that was a barrier in my golf performance. After talking to Kirsten for an hour, she was able to provide me with some healing techniques and visualizations that were extremely helpful (back is no longer in the way of playing high level golf). These techniques Kirsten introduced to me have opened more doors to playing even more awesome golf!!

Stephen Latham, Pro Golf Athlete (going for the PGA Tour)


Today I ran, with no thoughts to time, distance , or pace.

Today I ran on the energy of completing a cold swim that had been haunting me.

Today I ran enjoying the beauty of my environment.

Today I ran 4 miles instead of the planned 2 and didn’t even think about it

Wendy Jensen, Triathlete, Blog: never2old2tri

*The day after Wendy’s first AOY session!


Yesterday was the first time in about 8 months that I trained in swim, which has always been the weakest part of my triathlon game. And for some odd reason I ended knocking out 1050 yards which is about 21 laps in my local pool. I have never done more than 8 laps in a row before, but some how I cracked the code of breathing or something and did 21 laps in a row like it was nothing.

I ended the night doing about 1500 yards and felt great afterwords.

I think we might be onto something here!

Aaron Pottichen, Triathlete, Aaron’s website

*the day after Aaron’s first AOY session


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