Announcing the AOY 4 Tri Challenge


The 4 Tri challenge for season 2011!

4 Triathletes will be chosen for FREE one on one mental game coaching and full access to the inspiring systems on training your mind for extraordinary results in Tri. The challenge is for the 2011 Tri season. ($700. value that you get for FREE)

You will learn how to believe in yourself more than you ever thought possible not only on your athletic quest but in your life! It’s life changing!

AND you will be learning many of the same training your mind for Tri techniques that Mark Allen began using to boost himself to the next Ironman level.  Anyone can use it ~ I’ll teach you.

One on one coaching will include an initial consultation plus four sessions completely dedicated to giving you everything you need personalized to shift your awesome athletic quest to the next level.   AND it will include full season access to downloads, lessons, step by step systems AND continual Skype or email coaching chatting with me for the season.

This is highly effective for beginners through pros.

What is the challenge? Because I know you will make huge progress this season from your one on one laser coaching and the awesome systems  (I know this from loads of experience) I will be asking you to keep me posted on all your success stories for the season the small ones and the big ones.  As you have success stories we will be writing about it on the Awesomeness of YOU blog and twitter.   Success can come in many different forms like meeting a simple goal or having a breakthrough or making progress in any area you didn’t expect to so quickly.

I am looking to award the 4 Tri challenge to a broad section of triathletes from beginners to pro.

*  pls note that everything in your private sessions is completely private I will only be sharing success stories from you that you have sent to me and have approved

*  This is a global challenge open to triathletes globally beginners through pros

How to request to be chosen:

Send a message directly to me on my contact form answering the following questions:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your tri goals ~ long term and short term goals.

What is your experience level as a triathlete?  Tell me more about where you are in your athletic quest.

What Tris are you planning on entering this season 2011?

What are you most proud of so far in your tri experience?  Don’t worry you can post as many things as you like that you are proud of.

Why you would like to be chosen for the 4 Tri challenge?

How did you find out about the 4 Tri challenge, facebook, twitter, my newsletter, iamtri forums?

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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