Allow Your Greatness To Shine As An Athlete

In the western modern world athletes are marinating in calculations, analysis and technology. In running there are new kinds of tech shoes every year that claim to “make you run faster”.  In golf there is always a new club or ball technology that marketing claims you “need” in order to play better.  In every sport there is not only technology but loads and loads of technical training, analysis and calculation.  What I am going to teach you right now is that this is good and helpful, however, completely marinating yourself in it for all your training sessions and all parts of your competition will inhibit the potential and greatness that you and your body holds.

Habit is a strange and sticky thing. When you have chosen to marinate yourself in the continual judgments, calculations and analysis you then form the habit of relying on it to “tell you” where your greatness is and “what your limits are”.

By doing this you are not allowing your greatness and your body’s incredible power, skill and potency to shine. What if your body is capable of SO much more than you know?  What if YOU are greater than what you currently believe?

When I was a preteen and a teen I was focused on training and competing as an equestrian. I spent hours and hours on one horse after another training the horses and myself.  I became very accomplished at it and won pretty big National titles.  I even lived on the road for a while with my parents and my trainer riding the National circuit.  One of the BIG reasons why myself and the horses that I road did so incredible well is because often enough we just let loose with some non-structure.  Some people thought myself and a few of the other riders were crazy as we mounted our high profile prized horses bareback and galloped as fast as we could in the early morning mist through field after field.  The horses were so happy to run in the field instead of the ring AND we as riders gained a joy and a confidence that we (including our horses) were capable of so much more WAY more.   We experienced a renewed truth that truly anything was possible with horse and rider.  Most of the competitive riders in our divisions were constantly focused on analysis and perfection.  When you add in some times where you are just allowing your body (and your soul) to generate everything that is possible you will find that not only will your results be awesome, you will also find deeper joy and fulfillment.

I have seen this over and over and over again in so many athletes of all kinds of sports and of all levels. I have seen it with so many of the athletes that I have worked with.  The great thing is ~ when they makes the shift to not “always” marinating themselves in analysis the results are truly extraordinary!!  The unleashing is phenomenal. When you begin to allow your greatness to unfold you will discover that it is FAR greater than you ever believed.  The best way to start doing this is train and compete with allowance.

Here’s how: On some of your training sessions and competitive venues make a point NOT to focus for THAT session on analysis, calculations and computations.  Just be the greatness of you.  Just allow your body to generate everything that is possible.  Just do it for the pure joy and fulfillment.

This is for ALL athletes!  Everyone from triathletes to tennis and golf.

The best affirmation question for this is: What would it take to allow my body to  generate everything that is possible.

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