Announcing our new AOY logo!

I am so excited and proud of our new AOY logo!  It is designed by the awesome AOY athlete Krista Cavender~  ultra trail runner and uber talented artist & graphic designer. Krista truly captured the essence of AOY.

YES we are going to get race tattoos made asap

I wanted to share with you her design notes because they are so wonderful and insightful and they add meaning to the image you see.

“I created the center Zen Circle of Eternal Life, the “O”, to have white space around it created by the “A” and the “Y”. This white (or negative space) visually represents your outer circle and inner circle ideas.

The orange ink blot in the center is the athlete. Unique and like no other and connected to the “YOU” in your title. Since what you do is about the focus on the individual and their unique abilities I put visual emphasis on this connection.

The font used in the title “Awesomness of You” has a bold, vibrating and organic quality which I felt represents the energy of the individual. The font of the tagline echoes the brushwork in your logo and also mimics the organic and distinctive energy of the individual.”

You can connect with Krista on her blog OR her awesome Zaps Threads Company (Graphic Tees for Runners and Athletes) ~ I’m sure she would love to hear from you!

Krista is an AOY athlete & AOY Inner Circle member. This is a pic of her moving a few things out of the way on a trail run

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