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The use of good clean incense can be very valuable on an athlete’s quest.  I often suggest to AOY athletes that they incorporate incense and smell into their AOY exercises and mini-meditations.  In doing your AOY exercises you are practicing quieting the mind, relaxation, calming, deeper self belief, balance (grounding) and connecting with nature.  These are all things that you practice in mini sessions so that you can easily draw from them when you need them in training and competition (and life).
The sense of smell can help tremendously in all of these mini exercises.   This is especially true when you are using certain kinds of smells like natural clean smells from nature. These smells actually trigger certain kinds of emotions which are very desirable in learning how to quiet the mind or connect more to nature for your athletic quest.  And of course, all of this helps you tremendously in both the experience and results you receive on your athletic quest.

Just about all wise indigenous cultures have some form of incense for ritual, ceremony or even everyday use.  There are really good reasons for this.

The best place that I have found for excellent high quality clean natural smell is Juniper Ridge ~ they are all wild crafted directly harvested in the wilderness and created without any added perfumes or oils.  They are also a very small company and give a percentage of their profits to protecting the wilderness.  You can order their products online or sometimes you can find them in your local Whole Foods Store.

*I do not receive any profit from purchases at Juniper Ridge I just love them and highly recommend them, and of course use them myself

If you have any questions about how to begin using them and what to get first please feel free to just email me directly I will be happy to guide you.

For AOY Inner Circle Members ~ I will be teaching much more about the use of certain incenses and mini fun exercises that are extraordinarily helpful for athletes.  I will be teaching you some things from Native American cultures and from ancient Asian cultures.  All very effective, fun and wonderfully inspiring.

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