Overcoming Open Water Swim Nerves

This is the AOY program I created on Overcoming Open Water Swim Nerves.  It is posted in the AOY store, however, is FREE for AOY members ~ that’s YOU! 

Actually I should call this download program:

How to shift to LOVING open water swim!

I continually receive a great many inquiries from triathletes wanting mental game tips to become much more calm and confident in the open water.

Because of the volume of inquiries and the wonderful success I have had in shifting a great many athletes from nervousness to calm and confidence, I decided it was time to create a program on the subject so that I can help even more people!

Download Overcoming Open Water Nerves Program
(Large File – 85MB – ZIP Format)

For this special download program:

I have compiled the 7 most powerful lessons and tools that are THE MOST effective in overcoming open water swim nerves. These 7 lessons and the special tools cover the best-of-the-best in what works. I know, because I have trained a lot of triathletes in mental game (from first-timers to Ironman). In this program you receive what really works for triathletes of all levels in shifting to awesome performance in open water swimming.

It is a great honor for me to bring it to you here in this special program. These teachings and wisdom are personally very important to me because they come from a place of deep desire to guide athletes to experience a far deeper more fulfilling journey on their personal athletic quest.

Which one of these triathletes are you?

  • I am getting ready to do my first Ironman and the thought of the swim is freaking me out.
  • I am an experienced triathlete but have not been able to become comfortable in the open water yet.
  • I am brand new to triathlons and I’m really nervous about the swim.
  • I am ok in the open water but I want to feel great in order to allow my body to create so much more flow, power and speed.

If you resonate with one of these triathletes, then this program is perfect for you!


What is included in this program:

  • The 7 most powerful lessons and tools proven to be highly effective with all level triathletes to shift easily to calm and confident in the open water. Both the lessons and the tools are in audio format, with additional written material to help guide you along. Each lesson is step by step easy to follow highly inspiring and easy to use.
  • Extra audio tools that go with each lesson for you to load onto your iPod and use daily as tools to recondition you to calm and confident in the open water. These are hugely effective and will start making a difference for you immediately. They are part of the secret as to why AOY works so incredibly well in shifting you to calm, deep self belief and true inspiration.
  • Homework sheets where I describe exactly what to do in order to create your awesome shift to the positive in the open water. Your homework corresponds directly to each audio lesson and gives you easy to follow steps to incorporate into your training and your day.
  • Extra advice and wisdom to help you physically train in the open water, so that you more easily shift to calm and confident. This is a mental game program; however, I have included this extra bonus piece because it’s an important part of the mental game of Open Water Swimming.
  • There are a great many valuable lessons and special audio tools within this program. They all work extraordinarily well for open water swimming; however, many of them are also very powerful in enhancing your performance and shifting to deeper self belief in general. You will find the benefit of these lessons and tools will not only easily help you overcome your open water swim nerves but also help shift your personal athletic quest and your life to the positive.

I have helped loads of triathletes shift their Open Water Swim experience to the awesome from beginner triathletes to Ironman. I know what works and I’m really excited to teach it to YOU in this program.

I would like to share something personal with you that may sound a bit strange at first, I feel as if it’s my duty to teach these tools to as many people as possible so that you can find joy and fulfillment training and racing in the beauty of nature’s lakes, rivers and oceans. It is important to not only feel inspired in nature but to also feel more profoundly connected to it.

Open Water Swim Group

A little hint on what you will learn:

  • How to easily quiet your mind.
  • How to shift from thoughts of self doubt to thoughts of self-belief.
  • How to shift from feelings of anxiousness to calm, balance and confidence in the open water.
  • How to actually embrace and love being in the open water – yes, I said love and I mean it.
  • How to cultivate a deeper relationship with nature, as the great Mark Allen did, which will help you tremendously in your personal athletic quest in triathlon.
  • How to have a far more fulfilling, joyful and fun experience in open water swimming and triathlon which you will have with you forever.

You will be learning these AND much more!!

Let’s do this and completely change your relationship with the open water.


This program includes over 3 hours of audio in MP3 format, which is compatible with all computers, portable music players (including iPod/iTunes) and mobile phones.  Listen anywhere!

This product is delivered as a single downloadable ZIP archive file, containing all of the program materials (MP3 and PDF files).  Support for opening ZIP files is built in to most Windows and Mac operating systems, but you can also use a free program called 7-Zip to open it.

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