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How to do it in order to create enhanced performance results and the experience you truly want at your race!

Including: how to lessons, videos, guided audios and tips from Olympic athletes

The AOY Inner Circle membership is for endurance athletes (of all levels) & Coaches

Triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers and more

Who view their athletic quest as a personal journey and want to learn how to receive more fulfillment, deep self belief and inspiring performance results beyond what they thought possible.

“AOY is like law of attraction, powerful ancient wisdom and the best of the best in sports psychology all wrapped into a truly life shifting immensely positive program.

It’s about how to nourish your athletic soul for a journey and performance that is fulfilling and extraordinary.”

_Kirsten, Founder of AOY

Att: Coaches

AOY membership will give you what you need to teach your athletes effective mental game techniques and keep them inspired!

It’s all about connecting body, mind and soul to realize your own true greatness and athletic results beyond what you thought possible.

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What if there is SO much more possible for you as an athlete?

What would it be like to learn how to quiet your mind, experience daily inner peace, deep fulfillment and true profound self belief?

What would it be like to perform far beyond what you thought possible AND with much more ease?

What if your athletic quest is a personal journey to teach you all of this?

This is what AOY is all about! 

Most of us are drawn to endurance sports out of a desire to experience more in connection of the body, mind and soul.  We do it to experience more fulfillment, inspiration and a sense of accomplishment and all of this to hopefully bring more profound inner peace and much deeper self belief. 

At AOY you learn how to embrace the whole experience of your athletic quest as a body, mind and soul experience one that it is profoundly inspiring and brings you to a whole new level of living and being. 

AOY is a lifestyle and a movement more than anything else.  It’s specific systems guidance, instruction, inspiration and tools that bring you back to your true essence.  The primal essence of the true greatness of YOU! Think of it this way, it’s the real awesome wonderful you like when you were a child.

What would it be like to truly step into your greatness in life and as an athlete? 

AOY gently guides you back to the awesomeness of you, where you are less stressed, filled with joy, fulfillment, inner peace and an extraordinary inspiration that resonates from and through you. Just think of the truly amazing things you could experience and accomplish when you have shifted to the awesomeness of you.

What would it be like to allow your body to create everything that is truly possible in your sport?

AOY tools, lessons and wisdom teach you how to gain all of that through your athletic quest and in life.

It is a guide on shifting your lifestyle to the inspiring and shifting your way of living training and racing to the extraordinarily positive.

What is AOY membership in particular?

It’s like being guided and marinated in the inspiring

It’s a monthly dose of what you truly need in order to make that shift.  In order to experience a real awesome shift it takes more than just doing one or two little things it takes continual guidance,  wisdom and inspiration, examples and stories in order to create a new way of living and a new way of seeing things.  A new way of living that is filled with deeper self belief, inner peace, greater inner wisdom, intuition and a clarity and focus that is calming and confident.

AOY membership is set up to give you exactly what you need to make that shift.  You will always be inspired and shifting to the positive as you experience your AOY membership. 

Monthly inspiring AOY lessons with special audios & tools

Monthly guest interviews with an inspiring endurance athlete or special expert

FREE access to all special classes and calls

Video lessons that will give you exactly what you need to shift to the awesome

Live calls (& video) chats with Kirsten on BIG how to subjects like, How to Quiet Your Mind, How to shift to deep self  belief etc.

Unlimited access to Kirsten to answer all of your questions and guide you personally to the awesomeness of you

What to expect:

You will continually receive special audio downloads, videos, lessons, live calls and very special conversation interviews with the most inspiring people in both endurance sports and the world.  In the conversation interviews you will hear from extraordinary experts and the stories of others on how they accomplished amazing things through their mental game and connecting their body, mind and soul for ultimate experience and performance.  All of it is very specifically designed so that it will guide you forward to that amazing awesome YOU ~ the incredible being that you truly are.

You will experience both wisdom and actual tools to use.  Many of the tools are specific to AOY, however, rooted in ancient practices of wise healing cultures such as ancient Native American, Zen and Tao.  Also, you will experience lessons and live calls with me and special guests.  AND lots of continual inspiration that will keep you on track.

All of what you will experience at AOY is based on your personal journey through your athletic quest.  So, you will experience lessons, tools and wisdom to use in the context of your athletic quest.  The reason is when you can learn to do it on your athletic quest it will translate directly to your life.

For example, when you learn how to easily quiet your mind whenever you like on your athletic quest then you will also be able to do it in life too.

The cost of membership is very low, only $9.95 a month AND the first month is a FREE trial.

There are no sign up fees or contracts just month to month inspiration, lessons and highly effective reconditioning to deeper self belief on your athletic quest ~ which, of course, will bring you awesome results in your events (special member code)

“For the first six years of my career, I focused on the fitness of my body, and I won plenty of races, but I always fell short of my goal – the Ironman World Championship.  It wasn’t until I learned to think in terms of my spirit and emotions – that I was able to become the champion I aspired to be and find the strength of spirit I had been seeking.”

_Mark Allen 6 X Ironman Triathlon World Champion,  from his book Fit Soul, Fit Body

AOY Inner Circle

Value of $125. a month

$9.95 / month

The first month is a FREE trial

As soon as you join ~

You will receive immediate access to the members only AOY website after you choose your username and password.

Inside you will find loads of lessons, wisdom and tools you can begin using right away ~ they will begin shifting you immediately.  You will be able to take a big deep breath of inspiration and sleep nicely that first night!

Within a few days or so you will also receive a special package from me welcoming you to AOY.  Your package will include a special CD that will give you the foundation lessons of AOY and get you started right at the roots.

The best way to truly give you an idea of what you will experience is to show you examples.  Below you will find excerpts and examples of what you will experience inside your AOY membership

The goal of AOY is to give you everything you need in order to make that shift to the awesome.  That shift to inner peace, fulfillment and profound self belief. 

AND to learn how to live life to the fullest through the teacher of your athletic quest.

Get started NOW and access everything immediately!!

AOY Inner Circle

Value of $125. month

$9.95 / month

The first month is a FREE trial

I can’t wait for you to experience deeper self belief far past what you have ever tapped before!!



AOY Membership Includes:

Lessons also include homework assignment guidelines so that you can implement it right away AND notes for coaches so that if you are a coach you have extra tips and pointers on how to teach it to your athletes.


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